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Microsoft is keen to permit CoD on PS Plus, PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 is right here, and several other finish of yr recreation offers.
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Microsoft is making an attempt to sweeten the take care of PlayStation to get its Activision-Blizzard Deal by way of by permitting its competitor to place Call of Duty on PlayStation Plus if the megablockbuster franchise had been to fall underneath its purview.

This information from Bloomberg comes after the acquisition has hit a number of main roadblocks, together with a lawsuit in opposition to the Xbox producer by the Federal Trade Commission itself. So far, Sony’s effort to make it seem that Microsoft would have a monopoly on video video games if the deal had been to occur appears to be working, telling anybody that can pay attention.

Seriously, I heard Jim Ryan is simply going door to door now in a grassroots marketing campaign.

*telephone beeps*

Hang on one second. Gotta reply to this,

*receives textual content message from Devante as Jim Ryan making an attempt to speak to me about Activision Deal*

Nevermind. It was simply spam. Anyway, Microsoft has made some unprecedented bulletins and offers to make it clear that they don’t need Call of Duty to be an unique franchise, together with providing each PlayStation and Nintendo 10 yr offers to place the franchise on their consoles, with the cherry on prime now revealed that PlayStation might put the sequence by itself subscription service.

As of this recording, stories state that PlayStation has but to take both supply in its negotiations with Microsoft.

If you’re questioning how the fallout of this deal will have an effect on you, it would assist to know simply how a lot Call of Duty you at present play on PlayStation, and due to an finish of yr stat tracker, you possibly can!

The PlayStation 2022 Wrap-Up lets anybody on PS4 or PS5 entry their highlights from the previous yr, which incorporates variety of video games performed, complete hours performed, variety of trophies earned, and variety of PlayStation Plus month-to-month video games downloaded. These stats will proceed to trace by way of the top of 2022, so no matter figures you see at the moment might change earlier than the beginning of the brand new yr.

Users who full all sections of the Wrap-Up will get a voucher code to redeem an Astro Bot avatar. There are six in all, and they are going to be themed round your private stats. Codes could be redeemed by others, so Sony is encouraging customers to share with associates. You see that code in your display that I didn’t blur out? I didn’t should, cus anybody commenting can use it to say the Astro Bot x God of War avatar!

So in complete, I spent a grand complete of 241 hours taking part in my PS5 this yr, with a whopping 5 of these hours being spent on-line. And zero hours had been spent taking part in Call of Duty there. Sorry Sony, your double XP incentives had been engaging, however I can’t be caught taking part in CoD on a DualSense after I personal an Xbox and an Elite Series 2 controller.


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  1. Actually an incredibly savvy move by microsoft. Cod has been one of the highest selling ps games every year for a decade, by putting it ps plus sony would lose billions.

  2. No surprise. Microsoft is a company first and foremost and they've shown to be less caring about consoles compared to Sony and Nintendo (say what you want about Sony's mentality when it comes to exclusives, but Nintendo is even worse about refusing to let their ips be made on non Nintendo products). With Microsoft, since the Xbox One, they've proven to care less about console sales (which is why nearly all Xbox One games are also on pc and every Series X game is on pc as well).

  3. Yeah I personally dont want microsoft/america exclusively owning and running the gaming industry like they are big tech and social media, and movies and media in general… sick of the weird american ideological trends being forced upon us like gender ideology, pharmaceutical indoctrination, racist gun-crazy patriots and obesity..wish western Europe didn't cling so much to the "exceptional muricans"
    And I love most american and american culture like hiphop, classic movies and the whole shabang but in moderation and less hyper polarized and over-sensitive virtuous

  4. Microsoft could save a lot of money if they could actually get some games developed with all the myriads of studios they already bought-out. Oh, I forgot… Microsoft only knows how to make up for lack of vision, creativity and effort with money. 😏

  5. Just because they allow it to be on playstation does not mean it would be even playing ground. If put it on gamepass this would disenfranchise playstation players not to mention make it a lot easier for botters. They can exclude game modes or have special skins that are darker allowing advantages. It is not wise to allow one the biggest multiplayer games to be own by one the consoles outright (2 if you count overwatch).

  6. I feel it blackmail and bribes as those companies are ruining the game studio as they are in for copyrights and trade marks. Just those top leaders I hate some time. But sony only profit from online fees and have not seen it taken down.

  7. Seeing PlayStation crying over call of duty makes no sense I barely play call of duty anyways if it weren’t for the achievements or trophies I wouldn’t play call of duty games at all it’s not classic enough the first call of duty game I’ve played was call of duty 2 on Xbox 360 that’s cause I loved achievements I would play every game even games I never heard of never played before the xbox 360 made me buy so many games the PS3 got no trophies I almost gave up on PlayStation when there was no trophies xbox was giving achievements

  8. Activision Blizzard is more than just Call of Duty.

    It is also Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo.

    If you combine that with the fact Microsoft also bought out Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian it means Microsoft will have bought out a majority of the biggest Western RPG brands.

    They would also be stealing two major mascots (Crash and Spyro) which they failed time and time again to establish and both to which Sony had a role in establishing.

    Microsoft is totally trying to monopolize another market.

  9. Instead of putting all that money into good use by making good games and supporting the games that already exist (Halo Infinite really needs help right now) they still want to get Activision for easy money.
    And people wonder why regulators see this as an attempt at a monopoly

  10. All us Xbox gamers know the xbox controller is better than the PlayStations for shooters, and Racers. It just is. The triggers, and sticks are more precise. And the triggers feel more like actual gun triggers than the floppy triggers on PS. For some other types of games it’s close, but Xbox is still better for how it fits in your hands… Like a glove

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