WWE 2K23 Review – The Final Verdict

WWE 2K23 appears like step up from its predecessor. However, the sport has to do fairly a bit to justify its existence when WWE 2K22 nonetheless exists and continues to be completely playable. For those that might not be too within the up to date roster, fortunately, the brand new MyRise affords fairly a little bit of gameplay in its personal proper.

The creators amongst us will certainly discover the AI tuning an unimaginable new characteristic which, whereas primary, will hopefully get higher fleshed out down the road. Those who simply need to have some enjoyable pro-wrestling matches with out an excessive amount of of a problem may even find yourself finally having fun with nearly all the pieces WWE 2K23 has to supply.


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  1. I laugh at the clowns who willing to pay full price for a roster update. This look exactly like last year game. 2k is pathetic for charging 70 99 or 119 usd for this recycle game.

    Wrestling games died when svr series ended

  2. Am I the only one who wants the engine from 2K15-2K20 back? 😂 I skipped these two in particular because I don’t like that they completely swapped out the mechanics

  3. Wwe needs to leave 2k games wwe 2k23 sucks the my rise is not long enough and it not good I waiting on aew fight for ever they are making wwe look bad I miss old games the story mode was longer and it made you want to play it again I’m not putting my money on this junk anymore no more wwe games until they leave 2k

  4. Oh f**k off with the No Mercy crap. No Mercy was good but go play it in 2023 and see how it doesn't hold up at all. It's over 20 years old, let it go already. Tired of the "back in my day" dweebs. Most gamers weren't even born at the time Boomer. Next time, I don't know…get someone who actually likes wrestling games to review a wrestling game and not some Boomer that wants to relive his childhood.

  5. I really don't like that they are using the same moves for the past decades. I can't feel anything new when playing Randy Orton performing the same RKO which has been the same decades ago.

  6. the best and the last pro wrestling that i played was Smack down: Here comes the pain. this 2k wrestling games are soo boring, maybe because the real wwe is getting boring and cornier by the year?

  7. As an avid WWE 2K critic, could even call me a hater. I’ve been very against these games since 2K15.

    So when I say this is an actual good game worth the full price, I MEAN IT. This is 2K’s best game to date.

  8. This is why I hate when people who have platforms talk nonsense. We do not need the gameplay to be more arcadish. We need a game that has both arcade and simulation. Not everyone like arcade gameplay. I wish we could choose which gameplay style to play.

  9. Whatsthestatus community creations here I come. Assemble "SmackTalks and QuickStopHicks YouTube channel really helps with getting good models and everything. The game has changed so much. It looks and plays wonderfully. I'm glad it's not that arcade. I know how to do all my light and heavy grapples and attacks. Having the "Elimination Chamber and WarGames in the same game is fire. 🙌✨️

  10. I bought the game. 😮‍💨 feels like the coach from Dodgeball put the controls together. (I said the same thing about '22 just from the videos 2K put out about the controls) I miss the controls of '19…

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