Will Of The Sword – BOTW Cinematic Combat Montage

After 100 years, the Master Sword awakens. Link is unleashed upon Hyrule to meet the sword’s will and save the princess.

From the identical director as “The Four”, that includes 8 veteran gamers from all around the world, Breath of the Wild’s limits are pushed on this cinematic fight montage.

Firefly – @a965741
Jhent – @DrWalker777
Shibainu – @Shibainucc
RinHara5aki – @RinHara5aki
A.xk – @Axk_000
Kleric – @MrOrdun
Breneko – @bre_Neko
Yuda – @zb_yuhudaddy

0:00 Will Of The Sword
1:18 Firefly
1:33 Jhent
2:03 Shibainu
2:29 RinHara5aki
2:45 A.xk
2:52 Kleric
3:07 A.xk
3:30 The destiny of Hyrule rests with you
3:43 Girls tag-team (Shibainu/Firefly)
4:22 A.xk
4:31 Breneko
4:43 Breneko
4:54 Jhent
5:14 Shibainu
5:39 Breneko
6:00 Yuda
6:19 Jhent
6:37 Kleric
6:50 RinHara5aki
7:04 Yuda
7:38 Save the princess
8:04 Link (Yuda)
8:19 Will Of The Sword Fulfilled
8:56 Credits
9:36 Eulogy
10:16 Outro


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  1. This was one of the rare videos that gave me Goosebumps. Those Combat Glitches are sooooo difficult to perform, and the editing was just perfect. You have really shown Botw off so well. Thank you

  2. Rin, Yuda, & Kleric back together again!! Rin, your editing skills are insane!! The combat in this surpasses "The Four", which is incredible. By weaving scenes from BOTW & Age of Calimity with the combat you created something SO special! Congratulations on this masterpiece!!

  3. Imagine dedicating your life to learning a combat system in a single player Zelda title. I kinda hate when people exploit bugs and glitches and try and act like it looks cooler. No. It just looks like you need to pick up a new game with new mechanics because you've bled this one dry and Gamespot is begging us to care about glitches in this game while lampooning them in another.

  4. To think not only that this game has been broken open this fully, on top of the skill presented by all the players, and have it all come out so stylish is incredible beyond compare.

  5. This is honestly just incredible. The Four was amazing, but this is even better. Watching stuff like this makes me want to push myself even further; to continue improving and honing my skills in this game. Thank you for this.

  6. It's funny, cuz in some of the memories it shows link having defeated hords of enemies, and I remember thinking "I don't think I could do that without a lot of healing and a few retrys", and then these people pull this off…..

  7. Breneko's clips are the embodiment of "teleports behind you".
    Also, the clips with the side views are great cinematically.

    This is crazy. Well done to all involved. All of these are amazing. It's hard to process that this is even the same game as what I'm playing when I open up Breath of the Wild.

  8. And again, it's an absolutely amazing work from you guys👏👏. I never thought a zelda game would be so popular after 6 years. You guys make me happy every time I see your videos👏👏🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️. Thank you very much for that🤙and continue your work, ideas and your passion🙏🙏🙏.

    R.I.P Karakuri🙏🙏

  9. Monsters, both of this world and not, brought down this great champion Karakuri in an effort of destroying our hope… but this record shows that though his mortal self is gone, his legacy lives on! Rest easy champion! for we will inspire thousands more to bring destruction to these forces of darkness in whatever form they take! Virtual or not… no monster is safe…
    Woe to the poor wicked soul in Hyrule who Link sets his sights on… for in Karakuri's name we will smite them where they stand, armed with the blade of evil's bane and the hopes and dreams of every champion of Hyrule!

    Rest now brave soul… may you find peace in the next life.

  10. I liked Breneko's Coolness and Yuda's Boomerang.
    Although, I do think that elemental effects are oft overused (especially bomb arrows); I suppose the intention might be to create a nice spectacle, but for me personally, it only occludes much of what is happening on screen to the point it simply looks like a soupy mess.

    Still, some serious work must've gone into this so I appreciate all that effort

  11. This was astonishing, legendary, epic, every synonym for AMAZING! The editing, the combat, everything was just excellent! I just loved how the memories and cut scenes were reorganized to mean a whole other thing, that was highly creative! Amazing job! Of course, adding Fi's theme/farewell at the end just made this video a whole lot more wholesome. Once again, amazing video, and great job!

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