Why We’re Excited Metroid Prime Remastered Is Now On Switch – NVC Live

The Original Metroid Prime bought remastered for the Nintendo Switch and shock dropped proper after the Nintendo Direct. As one among our favourite video games, we focus on on NVC dwell how excited we’re to leap again into this basic recreation.

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  1. Yeah, but $40 is a bit much. Especially if they plan on doing the others. It’s great it’s on there, but Skyward Sword cost an extra $10 and the only new feature besides the stick motion was locked behind a $25 amiibo

  2. Wow they added a bunch of new textures and details so it’s not just a bump in resolution. 4 control options too. Only $39.99 is super worth it for this game. I’m shocked and super happy!

    Enjoy everyone!

  3. Metroid prime is better than halo! It always gave you this sense of being lost in space everything mysterious and unexpected! Where halo just focus more on direct action with no exploration or solving or learning the histories of these planets!

  4. My favorite game of all time and ima be honest…Im legit blown away by how incredible this looks. Envy those who get to experience this masterpiece of a game for the first time, IMO the pinnacle of Atmosphere & Immersion.

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