Why Is Ellie Immune In The Last Of Us? Season 1 Finale Provides A Hint But Still No Answers

In Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us online game, foremost character Ellie is proof against the cordyceps fungal an infection that precipitated a pandemic that propelled the world into chaos and despair. Ellie is proof against the an infection, however why, and the way? The recreation by no means supplies a solution, however the Season 1 finale of HBO’s sequence supplies clues, it appears, to the origin of Ellie’s immunity. Spoilers for The Last of Us observe beneath.

In the Season 1 finale, we get a flashback that exhibits Anna (Ashley Johnson), pregnant with Ellie, making an attempt to outrun an contaminated individual, solely to be cornered in an deserted home and attacked. She kills the contaminated, and in the course of the wrestle, offers start to Ellie. Anna is bitten in the course of the encounter.

Anna cuts the umbilical wire, however the present leads us to consider the cordyceps an infection was certainly unfold to Ellie. Marlene (Merle Dandridge) quickly arrives on the scene. Anna pleads along with her to kill her and take Ellie, assuring Marlene that she gave start earlier than she was bitten–this is a lie.

Marlene takes Ellie and initially says she will’t deliver herself to kill her longtime pal. But she finally re-enters the room and rapidly shoots and kills Anna. She then takes Ellie to Boston along with her.

But how is Ellie immune? The present does not inform us, and whereas the sport contained some clues as nicely, neither materials offered a definitive rationalization.

Neil Druckmann, who wrote the unique recreation and a number of the TV sequence, advised Entertainment Weekly that the flashback scene with Anna supplies a touch that ought to give individuals “theories as to why Ellie is immune.” However, neither the sport nor the TV sequence clarify it outright or conclusively.

For extra on The Last of Us Season 1 finale, take a look at GameSpot’s interview with Marlene actress Merle Dandridge shared beneath.

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