Why Dead Space Remake May One of the Biggest Games of 2023

2022 has been an awesome 12 months for video games, and whereas the after-effects of the pandemic had been nonetheless prevalent with many highly-anticipated video games being pushed out of 2022 to subsequent 12 months – video games akin to Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 have stood upon their lofty guarantees whereas others like Sifu and Stray have turned out to be shock hits, and rightfully so.

As we shift our consideration in direction of subsequent 12 months, there may be simply a lot to stay up for and get enthusiastic about – together with however not restricted to the Dead Space remake. EA Motiveโ€™s upcoming sport is wanting actually promising, and there are a lot of elements at play that might come collectively to make it one of many largest hits of the 12 months.


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  1. An entire generation hasn't played the original hit and can now experience this in full new glory on their ps5 , xbox and PC. They added a lot of horizontal improvements to exploring the ishimura with security levels and backtracking and included the gameplay improvements from dead space 2

  2. I must admit that it looks good but I am concerned with the deliberate uglification of both the main female and male characters plus some needlessly shoe-horned 'woke' dialogue that we already know about. If this game turns out to be made for 'modern audiences' then it's a hard pass from me.

  3. Hey I'm one of the ones that like the Calypso protocols some people liked it some people hate it like I always saying it is an opinion and it is subjective people shouldn't get mad over other people's opinion

  4. While I'm excited for this game, NOT all is well. Go look at the way the Devs completely changed Isaac's face. He now looks like Adam Sandler. WTF?! This has me pissed off.

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