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Netflix is lastly placing their foot down on password sharing, setting a date for when the “feature” might be turned off. This has been talked about for a while now, and it seems to be like subscribers can have till March to determine what to do with “borrowers” hanging on to their profiles. In Prime Video information, the streaming service has set a launch window for Invincible season 2, which ought to arrive later this yr. And lastly, Tron 3 is transferring forward at Disney, with Jared Leto set to star. The movie has no script or director, however will probably be a direct sequel to 2010’s Tron Legacy.


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  1. When you decide if to even try Netflix, the ability to offer it also to your grandparents or parents or uncle is calculated into the decision. If you limit that, price should drop accordingly. Isn’t that also the whole point of the “price-subscription ladder”? There is the resolution and ability to run on multiple devices at the same time.

  2. There was scam phishing text about Netflix shutting your account over Account Sharing. Whatever you do, do not click the link. It's a scam and it will steal your personal account and your email.

  3. Sharing with family members was an orginal Netflix selling point here in Sweden atleast.
    Bought an account for 4 persons, only shared it with one more as of yet.
    Will Netflix still do crackdown on people who legally bought accounts for more than themselves?

    They better than step up with the quality of their shows or stop cancel shows after one season to give it a chance if they intend to keep those who still watching after these crackdowns.

  4. If they need more money, just raise prices slowly over a long period of time. That is better psychologically than charging for something that used to be free. Plus there will inevitably be confusion around people's service stopping etc. Just increase the price $.50 every 6 months for X period of time.

  5. Netflix has reached its peak. The user base won't grow cause there's simply a limit to the number of human beings to which you can sell the product. How bout maybe focus on engagement and satisfaction as opposed to new customer growth.

  6. There should be an investigation into why these big companies' boards stray so far away from their customers. It's like they all have a hidden purpose to make us outraged & unhappy.

  7. American companies have to stop trying to increase their shareholders/CEO's profits by constantly giving consumers less and raising costs… At a certain point you have to show us value and stop trying to mess over the general public in order to increase your Christmas bonuses…

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