What to Expect from Xbox in 2023

Microsoft’s fourth-generation Xbox consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S, at the moment are coming into Year 3 however with little exclusives in 2022. As such, 2023 merely should ship for Xbox players who’ve invested a lot within the platform. Microsoft is a trillion-dollar firm who has seemingly exhausted the persistence of its participant base. Fortunately, although, there’s purpose to be optimistic and here is all the pieces you’ll be able to anticipate from Xbox in 2023.


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  1. Personally, I’m only inclined to be patient with the paucity of Xbox releases because I’m extremely privileged to own both current gen consoles. However, my heart lies with Xbox – they’ve got to deliver or folks making a choice between the two will go with Sony.

  2. Why don't you mention how the developer for Atomic Heart is Russian. How they had to stop development after the war started and moved to Cyprus. Where is the money made from Atomic Heart going to go? Will Russia get taxes from this game? Mainly why won't any of you mention this like you do for the other affected games in development. It's just super shady, it's been super shady from the beginning.

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