What The HELL Happened With Gotham Knights?

We could not have formally identified about Gotham Knights till its announcement in 2020, however followers had been ready for WB Games Montreal’s subsequent sport for for much longer. The studio impressed with its debut outing in 2013 when Batman: Arkham Origins got here out, a sport that usually will get unfairly overshadows by the principle Rocksteady-developed Arkham trilogy, and the thought of that staff creating a brand new and unique titles primarily based on DC characters was an thrilling one.

It’s truthful to say that Gotham Knights has did not dwell as much as expectations. Reviews have been lukewarm at best- in my very own evaluate, I stated that although it was a reasonably satisfying sport in its personal proper, it wasn’t actually exceptionally good at something it did, and with various important flaws, it got here throughout as a largely uninspired and generic expertise, delivering the kind of enjoyment that may be present in a large number of different titles- the kind of enjoyment that’s totally fleeting, and makes virtually no lasting impression.


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  1. I think Skillup nailed it when he said this was meant to be a games as a service and after the failure of the Avengers game it was delayed and retooled but the damage was already done.

  2. Honestly I enjoy Gotham knight though it is hard to ignore that it not Arkham canon it still fun plus I love the different character play style plus design wise on character suit it just my favorite I even given my red hood bloodsport mask

  3. The main fault I’m finding is the requirement to complete premeditated crimes that are just repeated over and over to get to the actual interesting parts. It’s a 6/10 for me so far. I’ve played for about 10 hours or so. Disappointing overall.

  4. This channels giving this game unfair treatment,is it 70$ no… more like 50-55$ 30fps? Ur eyes get used to it after a while,grind? Congratulations this game ain't the first one to do it

  5. The only thing that really had my interest about this game when it was still in production was the thought of playing as Red Hood. But as I've watched more about this game I've realized I'm not going to like him already. He's slow so it looks like he's going to eat too many hits before he can be effective, and what's with the air jumping? They couldn't think to write out something slightly more realistic like he stole some top secret military equipment or something instead of this weak a$$ magic power that came out of nowhere? The game just looks disappointing.

  6. I think if this game didn't try to resemble the Arkham Games so much the reception would've been a little better. The gameplay style of the Arkham games just doesn't fit an action rpg/looter format imo.

  7. (Just in case anyone see this comment👀)
    The game is not that bad, it's has fun moments. I enjoy playing the game, Gotham knights is not Batman Arkham's. In my opinion, it has Similarity Mechanics to Arkham but different. That good enough for me(8/10).

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