What Dead Space Gets Right that The Callisto Protocol Got Wrong

Motive’s Dead Space remake improves on an already glorious authentic, whereas its religious successor The Callisto Protocol isn’t fairly in the identical orbit.


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  1. This is just absurd. They ruined this remake. The way they altered the characters & the story absolutely pisses me off…I loved this series & to see this done to it just makes me sad. What a piece of crap. The original from 08 will always be the real Dead Space. Not this cheap clone

  2. "What Dead Space Gets Right that The Callisto Protocol Got Wrong"

    Your title make non sense. Dead space is just a graphic redesign enhancement and + 30min Isaac's dialogue.

    Callisto Protocol is a complet new story dispite all the bad story telling.

  3. This just shows that creating a game is a collaboration. There are uncredited people who created and polished Dead Space. It's not the work of a single individual.

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