Werewolf by Night’s Swamp Thing is actually Man-Thing, a different thing

Marvel’s Halloween particular, Werewolf by Night, brings new flavors to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s the Hammer Horror of all of it, and the stark black and white colours, and naturally, the titular werewolf.

But there’s one other monster making his debut in Werewolf by Night, with probably the most notorious names in Marvel Comics historical past: Man-Thing. And the hour-long particular doesn’t even do him the courtesy of calling him by his title!

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for Werewolf by Night on Disney Plus.]

Photo: Marvel Studios

Werewolf by Night calls collectively a cadre of elite monster hunters in a aggressive hunt to resolve who will take up the coveted Bloodstone, which has some form of energy that forces monsters to disclose themselves. The story will get twistier than there, however suffice to say, the mysterious monster on the coronary heart of the problem is a massive, craggy swamp creature named Ted, with the facility to incinerate together with his contact.

But in Marvel Comics, Ted goes by one other title.

That’s Man-Thing, not Swamp Thing

The Man-Thing, or “Ted,” in Werewolf by Night, a creature of mold and mushrooms, three face tentacles, and two glowing eyes.

Image: Marvel Studios

Created in 1971 by writers Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, and Gerry Conway, and artist Gray Morrow, Man-Thing was Dr. Ted Sallis, a scientist who — like each different scientist within the Marvel Comics universe — was attempting to reengineer Steve Rogers’ super-soldier serum. Fleeing much less scrupulous mad scientists with the one proof of his serum, Sallis injected himself with the chemical simply earlier than crashing his automobile into a magical swamp. There, he mixed forces with the natural materials and was remodeled into the massive, inexperienced, mush-faced swamp monster he is right now.

Wait a minute, you’re asking, isn’t that precisely the identical as Swamp Thing, the DC Comics character? The reply is, sure. At the time the that author Len Wein was arising with Swamp Thing, his roommate Gerry Conway had put Man-Thing on the web page over a yr earlier. No accusations of plagiarism have been ever made — although they’ve a shared origin and look, the 2 characters diverged fairly precipitously from there. Swamp Thing was finally retconned to be an elemental power of nature who solely thought it had as soon as been a human scientist, and Man-Thing was all the time extra of a cult fave than a finest vendor at Marvel. Legal motion by no means materialized.

Another fairly massive distinction between Man-Thing and Swamp Thing is the previous’s signature superpower: Lighting individuals on freakin’ fireplace. As the tagline of later Man-Thing tales would put it, “Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing’s touch!” Man-Thing may not be capable to discuss, however he’s nonetheless a very empathetic monster who can sense robust feelings. He turns into agitated by destructive ones, and burns his opponents with chemical-mystical fireplace.

And sure, all people simply is aware of him as Man-Thing! Not Ted!

Heheh, Man-Thing is form of… uh… form of a humorous title, isn’t it?

Man-Thing and the Glob battle it out in a swamp on the cover of the 68-page issue, Giant-Size Man-Thing #1 (1974).

Image: Mike Ploog/Marvel Comics

Yes. And that’s what makes it nice.

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