We Saw A Destiny 2 Lightfall Live Demo. Here’s What We Learned.

Bungie invited us to a digital preview occasion for Lightfall, exhibiting of an early story marketing campaign mission, a tour of the brand new vacation spot, Neomuna, and a take a look at a number of the new much-requested options just like the Mod Manager menu, Loadout creator, and Guardian Ranks methods. Here’s what we discovered.
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In the marketing campaign mission, we get our first take a look at combating the Shadow Legion, a brand new model of the Cabal, and the primary drive we’ll be combating within the growth. From what we noticed that is nonetheless primarily the identical Cabal enemies varieties we’ve been combating for years now so don’t anticipate any radical gameplay adjustments right here. However, a few of them did have Strand shields. Enemy protect kind has all the time performed a key position in Destiny’s fight rhythm. But as a result of Stasis protect by no means turned a factor I initially wasn’t anticipating Strand to get them both. It appears like Bungie actually needs Strand to really feel like a significant a part of the fight meta in all features in a method Stasis kinda didn’t again when it first launched and I’ll be curious if we begin seeing Strand shields in content material outdoors of Lightfall-specific content material.

Compared to Stasis again in Beyond Light, one of many extra thrilling variations is how shortly Bungie allows you to play with the brand new Strand subclass. In the mission, the guardian comes throughout this strand pillar and when activated it provides momentary entry to the complete strand subclass to expertise for a fight encounter. The concept behind that is to offer you an opportunity to experiment and play with Strand as quickly as doable. An enormous criticism again in Beyond Light was that Stasis itself was locked away for a lot of the marketing campaign and also you solely obtained to fiddle with small bits and items of it. This is supposed to handle that problem however as a result of it is simply momentary you continue to get the expertise of unlocking and rising Strand over time. Bungie additionally stated the unlock course of received’t be as arduous because it was with Stasis.

As for Strand itself? It seems superior. We obtained to see a Hunter in motion which was nice for me as I’m a Hunter most important. Their new tremendous, Silkstrike, has them swinging round a rope dart, throwing it both straight into the enemy or swinging it in a 360-degree movement. The Cabal seem like their bodily type is unraveling till nothing is left each time they’re hit. The Hunter may use the brand new grapple characteristic extra typically whereas the tremendous is lively and seeing the hunter zip across the battlefield actually makes it sink in how Strand has the potential to fully change the sensation of fight with this newfound mobility. Neomuna itself appears designed to reap the benefits of this. All the fight arenas we noticed have been on wide-open metropolis streets and rooftops. Perfect for swinging round anyplace you need with out a lot problem. Of course, this doesn’t imply you’ll be capable of grapple on a regular basis because it does take up your grenade slot, which runs on cooldown. However, Neomuna is filled with floating strand grapple factors you should use to swing round, and utilizing these refunds your grenade power. In brief, you gonna be spending much more time within the air whereas exploring and combating in Neomuna.

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Neomuna
02:26 – Combat & Strand
04:55 – Loadouts
06:21 – Mod Manager
06:52 – Guardian Ranks


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  1. I hope, I hope 🤞 that for the hunter, the grappling is like PathFinders Grapple from Apex. Yes I know it's a whole difference game, but if it's able to swing you and bring you to high places, I hope we can do that grapple to the ground and jump to do a more higher jump/movement. Yes the triple jump/high jump is already in the game, but that's just what I'm wishing for. Even if it's not like that, I'll still be ok with it

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  3. It legitimately feels like they ran out of time to work on Strand for Titans. Watching the Hunter rope dart and clear a section of 5 enemies in an instant makes the single target dashes and the very lackluster ranged attack appear so weak. Two roaming supers, One with creative direction and the other, copied and pasted.

  4. I just hope that the loadout system also saves your drip, so you can have different outfits per loadout (It appears like it is the case but it has not really 100% been confirmed

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