We requested ChatGPT to evaluate Mercy’s adjustments in Overwatch 2 season 3, and it’s extremely optimistic

When it involves Mercy in Overwatch 2, it looks like she’s all the time surrounded in controversy.

Throughout the lifespan of the character, the help hero has seemingly all the time been both too sturdy or too weak. Now, after a latest nerf, Mercy mains and OW2 followers are up in arms about her as soon as once more. So we determined to ask for the opinion of a really distinctive supply.

Dot Esports requested synthetic intelligence ChatGPT to evaluate the large nerfs which have been introduced down on Mercy in season three’s replace. The help hero had some large adjustments to her Guardian Angel cooldown, Caduceus Staff therapeutic, and the whole removing of her Regeneration passive.

“Based on the changes, it appears that Blizzard is trying to balance Mercy’s healing capabilities while also encouraging players to be more strategic with her abilities,” ChatGPT mentioned. “The increased cooldown on Guardian Angel, slower movement while cancelling the ability, and reduced healing-per-second with Caduceus Staff will likely result in a decrease in Mercy’s overall healing output. However, the increased healing for allies under half health and new Sympathetic Recovery passive will compensate for this reduction, and should incentivize players to focus their healing efforts on allies who need it most.”

Sympathetic Recovery is a brand new Passive for Mercy, which permits her to heal herself for 25 % of all therapeutic completed with the Caduceus Staff. It mainly means she must heal others to heal herself, which is an enormous change from Regeneration, which healed her by itself.

“Overall, these changes are likely to result in a more balanced version of Mercy that requires more careful play, rather than making her weaker or stronger,” ChatGPT mentioned.

We then requested ChatGPT if it agreed with the sentiment that Mercy’s actual energy is in her injury boosting beam, and that forcing her to heal extra and injury increase much less would make her weaker total.

“Yes, I can see why some players might make that argument,” the AI mentioned. “Mercy’s damage boosting beam has always been a crucial aspect of her kit, and the changes to her healing abilities will likely require players to focus more on healing and less on damage boosting. However, the increased healing for allies under half health, combined with the new Sympathetic Recovery passive, will help offset some of the decrease in her damage output.”

At this level, we started to surprise if ChatGPT was an Ana foremost in disguise. But it had extra to say in regards to the help’s minor rework.

“Additionally, the changes to Mercy’s abilities will likely encourage players to be more strategic in their use of her kit, which could lead to new playstyles and greater overall team coordination,” ChatGPT mentioned. “So while the changes may require players to adjust their playstyle and focus more on healing, I wouldn’t necessarily say that they will make Mercy weaker overall.”

It appears as if ChatGPT’s level-headed super-AI response made some good factors. For Mercy followers, nevertheless, it in all probability doesn’t matter a lot what anybody has to say in the event that they’re not prepared to regulate to the change.

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