Warzone 2.0: The 16 Biggest Changes From the Original Warzone

The long-awaited Warzone 2.0 is right here, and with it comes every kind of high quality of life enhancements, a model new map, and a great deal of new weapons and gameplay adjustments. So experience together with Youtuber Expel as they break down all the things you must know earlier than hopping into Warzone 2.0.
Warzone 2.0 kicks off a model new period of Call of Duty’s flagship Battle Royale. With it comes new know-how, new options, and new gameplay that every one work seamlessly collectively. Warzone 2.0 is offered as a free-to-play title on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC.

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  1. Man we’re at 2.0 already. Look at how long it took for us to get Fortnite 2.0. I don’t feel this is as epic as monumental as Fortnite doing their 2.0. Don’t get me wrong it’s a big deal but it seems like they’re still playing catch-up still following behind in the shoes of someone who’s done something bigger than them.

  2. If you can actually play a game, the bugs and crashes are beyond annoying. Ive been trying to play since Wednesday and havent been able to get through one game -_-

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