Wanted: Dead Review

Wanted: Dead’s shallow fight, dated presentation, and poorly balanced problem are the tip of the iceberg of points that finally sinks this disappointing motion recreation from the makers of Ninja Gaiden.


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  1. The reviewer doesn't seem to understand the point of this game. The devs themselves said it's a homage to the games of the 6th generation of consoles, when games had quirky characters, awkward dialogues, and bad voice acting. But they were pure fun, despite their jank!…..

    Devil May Cry 1&3, Final Fantasy 10, Dead To Rights, Onimusha 1,2,3….They all had bad dialogues and voice acting, but it was endearing and we loved to play them

  2. It's a Solid 8 for me.
    Based on the Marketing and Promos, it delivered on Exactly the thing it said it would. Early-Mid 2000's Fun.
    If you're looking for Story- It's a No
    If you're trying to John Wick like 5 Enemies in a Row- It's the Game for you

  3. WAIT!! IGN censors a digital video game animated chainsaw cutting a digital NPC in half.. But shows a trailer for Winney the Poo with a chick getting a sledgehammer blow to the face in full graphic crunchy glory!! LOL ohh IGN, you are all over the place.

  4. Slander… straight up slander. This game is sick. The protagonist had has that 90’s Van Damme feel to it. Dude just missed the mark with this review. Prepare for a challenge though, it’s almost Sekiro difficult. There’s a secret code you can enter for easy mode, if you need it.

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