Wanted: Dead – 30 Minutes of Developer-Led Official Gameplay

One of the builders of Wanted: Dead, the upcoming quick-motion sport that mixes third-particular person taking pictures with Ninja Gaiden-style slice-and-cube melee gameplay (not a coincidence as a result of it is being made my former Ninja Gaiden builders), walks you thru a whopping 30 minutes of new gameplay. Enjoy!



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  1. Looks rough… but the trailers could have told you that. All the action stops when she does a finisher. Every enemy screaming after they die… is annoying. Calling it, PS Plus free Game of January 2023.

  2. "…from the makers of Ninja Gaiden" it's become obvious that there are some unsung heroes behind the Ninja Gaiden games, and I'm not including Itagaki 'cause his game, Devil's Third, also looked bad compared to NG.

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