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Jacob Bernander and Askur Ingvaldsson from The Viking Museum in Stockholm are becoming a member of us to interrupt down some of the Viking and Norse mythology inspirations and historical past from God of War, from the Leviathan Axe, Draugr, Valkyries, Norse Gods, Ragnarok and extra.

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The Viking Museum:


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  1. These guys were absolutely fantastic hosts, I hope you bring them on again, maybe for a similar video reacting to things in GoW: Ragnarok at a later date, that would be awesome. I honestly could listen to these guys talk Norse mythology and Vikings all day honestly.

  2. Another big discrepency is that valkaries are not from norse norse mythology, but from the romantic era where writers and philosophers and painters longed for the stories of old and rewrote and repainted norse era works from the romanticised viewpoint.

  3. One thing that always irritated me is that why does everyone compares themselves of the character with a mortal ? …. He is a Greek god of war or was!!! He is built different… He is not like a mortal at all… He's a god for crying out loud..

  4. I really enjoy how they highlighted inaccuracies from traditional myth, but they also understood that the game takes some creative liberties and they still appreciated the choices the art team made

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