There’s no denying that players romanticize the protagonist of most video games, which is pretty much intended. After all, these heroes need to be likable and relatable for players to get invested in their conflicts, giving people an urgency to get on with the main story and deal with any threats that lie in the way.



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However, regardless of how well-written some protagonists may be, the fact is that these characters need to get a reality check and understand the depravity of their actions. These people need some time to be judged and punished by the law to enjoy some well-deserved time in the can. Hopefully, it’d make them realize that their hero complex doesn’t justify their torrid acts.

6 Playa (Saints Row)

The Playa fighting Zin soldiers in Saints Row 4

Saints Row started out as a rather tepid clone of the Grand Theft Auto series before getting an identity of its own. The franchise’s goofy nature and over-the-top violence made it a great open-world game for players to sing their claws in. The protagonist, a player-created character appropriately named Playa, also ended up having a pretty fun personality of their own.

However, given the sheer level of deaths this person’s actions have led to in the Saints Row series, it doesn’t take an expert to see that this psychopath shouldn’t be let loose in an area full of civilians. In the real world, Playa wouldn’t be able to take a step before being hunted down and jailed by the police.

5 Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

uncharted 4 nathan drake swinging

Uncharted is one of the greatest gaming franchises of all time, with the fourth game showing Naughty Dog at their very best. Nathan Drake is easily one of the best-written characters in gaming history, with his impeccable dialogue and charming personality making him an excellent character to control as the protagonist during these treasure-hunting adventures.

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However, regardless of how nice he may be, there’s no denying that Nathan Drake has killed hundreds of people during his adventures. The fact that this doesn’t weigh heavy on his conscience is pretty odd, even if the majority of his kills have been made in self-defense.

4 Kratos (God Of War)


If there’s a prison that could contain a god, then Kratos definitely deserves to spend some time in one. This divine being is easily one of the angriest protagonists in gaming history, with his body count being astronomically high. Not only does he kill a lot of people, but he also rips them apart in a violent manner that makes his actions look downright sadistic.

That being said, it was clear that Sony and Santa Monica Studios understood this problem and rebooted the franchise in a manner that made him seem like he was regretful of his actions. The majority of his enemies aren’t human either, making it easier to believe that he can rage out on these mindless beings without too many worries.

3 Daniel Lamb (Manhunt 2)

Rockstar Games Daniel Lamb

The Manhunt series is one of the most violent and controversial video games ever made, with both titles featuring some truly brutal stealth executions that looked positively horrifying. The horror-infused nature of these games meant that players were constantly on edge, with the gory kills adding to the brutality present in this game.

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In the first game, James Earl Cash was already featured in prison, and it seems that Daniel Lamb should join him too. He has the personality of a trained assassin spliced into his mind, allowing him to kill with great precision and expertise. His work on the Pickman Project also makes him liable for the broken minds that formed as a result.

2 Agent 47 (Hitman)

Agent 47 holding a silenced pistol against the backdrop of a cityscape

Agent 47 is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, and the barcode on the back of his head has become the stuff of legends. This covert assassin is an expert in the field of stealth, disguise, and espionage, allowing him to take out numerous targets without any problems whatsoever. Despite how cold-blooded he may be, the games portray him as a sympathetic figure, which is rather hard to believe.

No man can kill so many people without facing some sort of punishment. Agent 47 is a contract killer who assassinates people, and he deserves to spend some time in prison to reflect on and repent for his crimes.

1 Literally Every GTA Protagonist (Grand Theft Auto)


It’s simply too easy to talk about the Grand Theft Auto series if players need to think about video game characters who need to spend some time in jail. Each and every main character in this series has a penchant for killing a wealth of innocents without a care in the world, running over people without any remorse, and blowing things up in the most brutal manner possible.

All these protagonists are criminals who are constantly hunted down by the police for their reckless actions time and time again. The fact that they barely spend any time behind bars is a testament to how poor the legal system is in these games, although it goes without saying that adding realistic jail time into the games can make for a rather boring experience indeed.

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