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Wanna atone for all of the highlights from this week? From Fan-Made Demos of Venom and extra in Unreal Engine 5, to James Gunn teasing his plans for DC Studios, tune in for the Weekly Fix – the one present full of the really useful weekly dose of gaming, leisure, and esports information!

00:39 – Venom, Black Panther, and More in Unreal Engine 5
02:27 – God of War: Ragnarok Graphics Modes Explained
05:18 – PlayStation Plus Games for November
07:57 – Mass Effect 5 Teaser Deep Dive
11:08 – Modern Warfare 2 Makes Franchise History
12:46 – James Gunn Teases his Plans for DC Studios
16:14 – Warner Bros. Discover to Focus on Exisitng Franchises
19:47 – Daniel Kaluuya Casted in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
23:10 – League of Legends World Championships 2022 Results

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  1. Of course sony's going all in on horizon. Everyone seems to forget that sony named guerilla games' ex-founder Hermen Hulst as its head of worldwide studios, so obviously they're a bit biased right now. Don't know if it's a big enough ip to go all in, but I'm sure hermen convinced them to do it.

  2. These "DEMOS" aren't real, Teaserplay just makes videos of popular characters walking or running around an empty city and calls it gameplay. Don't fall for it by supporting it, support creators who actually put passion into original projects.

  3. Are Games Visuals getting worse or is it just me ?
    Saints row gotham knights Hogwarts legacy look worse than 10 year older games like ac unity arkham knight bf1 ryse son of rome

  4. Venom's Supermove if he was in an Injustice quality fighting game

    He absorbs the opponent

    Then we get a perspective inside Venom with everything enlarged and the opponent smaller in a black gooey world.

    Then arises a giant Venomzilla which grabs the opponent with it's tongue and then devours him

    Then perspective shifts back outside of Venom where he spits the opponent out to resume the match. But in the result of a finish he doesn't spit him back. He just says "Yummy" or something.

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