Velma Season 1 Review: Episodes 1-8

Velma will premiere with two episodes on HBO Max on Jan. 12, adopted by two episodes weekly. Review by Brittany Vincent.

Velma is an usually humorous tackle the basic Scooby-Doo collection with loads of risqué humor. But it’s unlucky that almost all of what makes Velma humorous is totally unrelated to the character who will get a starring function. This present doubtless happened due to followers who’ve all the time needed extra for the teenage super-solver. Ironically, the collection could be exponentially higher with out its namesake – or, at the least a model of her with a bit extra character development.

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  1. Had to replace Shaggy because him showing up would make this show instantly better. Couldn't handle even a fraction of that Ultra Instinct goodness. Oh, and isn't there supposed to be a dog too?

  2. On what planet has Velma "never been given a chance to shine"? Dude, ever since Pup Named Scooby-Doo the intelligence and resourcefulness of the other gang members has been constantly lessened with Velma pretty much solving every single mystery with little or no input from the others. If anything, she needs to take a BACK SEAT!!!

  3. This should've just been a new generation of the Mystery Gang. Maybe a group of teens who idolized the mystery gang but the mysteries around them aren't as simple as revealing a mask these mysteries are dark and serious. These characters are The Mystery INC crew only in clothing and name, this isn't who they are. Ive always felt it was weird to drastically change the personality of an established character. The personality is attached to the name. When the personality of a character can't be kept or followed just make a new character at that point. The art style is kind of nice. It's refreshing to see new animated art styles that are engaging. What wasn't engaging was the majority of the humor. But well see how future episodes go

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