‘Valorant’ is taking steps to stop players from encountering only Icebox

Riot Games has launched a brand new article discussing Valorant‘s map range and explaining the way it has made enhancements to tune it for aggressive play.

In the brand new recreation well being article, a member of the aggressive group on Valorant, Brian Chang, acknowledged players’ frustration with encountering the identical map a number of video games in a row, explaining that consequently, “we wanted to make sure that we could improve the diversity of maps played without compromising the health of matchmaking (by influencing things like queue times or match balance).”

Chang stated that when the sport launched, map choice was “truly as random as it could be” and all maps had an similar probability – 25 per cent – of being chosen no matter what the players performed not too long ago.

Credit: Riot Games

However, in accordance to new Riot stats, over the course of 5 video games, 26 per cent of players noticed the identical map 3 times or extra.

Fast ahead to 2022, Valorant now has seven maps, and suggestions from North American players knowledgeable Riot Games round March of this yr that 67 per cent felt like they have been encountering the identical map a number of instances in a row.

With patch 4.04, the developer applied a extra numerous map choice change, so as a substitute of creating it a random course of, it opted to create a deterministic alternative that selects the map that minimizes streaks. According to the developer, as of the primary week of April, no participant noticed the identical map 5 instances in a row in aggressive play.

“The percentage of players experiencing the same map three times in a row has now dropped to 0.06 per cent (one in every 1700 or so players).” Additionally, this week, Riot seemed on the Valorant aggressive queue statistics and located that precisely eight of the a number of million players noticed the identical map 4 instances in a row, and two out of the eight players have been serial queue dodgers that prevented particular maps.

Valorant Agent Astra
Valorant. Credit: Riot Games

“No player saw the same map five times or more in a row,” and this was down with zero destructive affect on queue instances or match stability.

In different information, My Time at Sandrock has already beat My Time at Portia‘s all-time concurrent participant file on Steam.

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