Valheim: Mistlands – Official Gameplay Trailer (Spoiler Warning!)

Warning: There are spoilers on this trailer for Valheim’s Mistlands replace.

Check out the trailer for Valheim’s upcoming Mistlands biome replace to see gameplay, together with terrifying new creatures, enemies, and extra. Mistlands is the primary growth on Valheim’s biome system with a bevy of brutal environmental additions, that includes new weapons, new creatures, constructing and crafting supplies, and a brand new boss.

Valheim’s Mistlands replace is on the market now to check out within the recreation’s public check department on each Steam and Microsoft Store.

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  1. Man, it's so shitty how so many people are acting toward the dev team of Valheim. They are a small 5 man indie studio that release a game that ended up blowing the hell up. They had to work on fixing bugs and optimizing things while adding new content as well. People complaining and saying they have no excuse because they made so much money from sales, literally have no idea what they are on about. They have a publisher. You think that the 5 devs just shared the money and become millionaires over a week? Also the mistlands is so much bigger than people realize. This is not a small update, it's an entire expansion!! There is not only new content, but entirely new systems. They have added elemental magic, blood magic, neutral NPCs that will not just attack you on sight, Jotunns content, interacting with the roots of the world tree (Yggdrasil), new monsters, items, bosses, base building upgrades, and so much more. Stop being entitled gamers.

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