Top 10 Resident Evil Games

Check out our listing of the Top 10 Resident Evil Games!

How do you select your favourite RE sport? Do you go together with genre-defining standouts like Resident Evil 4? What about going again to the place issues began, like the unique Resident Evil? What about probably the most fashionable and eminently replayable video games comparable to Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil Village? Or even Resident Evil 4 VR? What folks love about Resident Evil is commonly very private, and tastes range wildly by way of what folks discover tacky, horrifying, and even enjoyable. It’s a tough listing for certain, however we assembled a crack staff with very totally different opinions about what makes RE particular, and we voted on the listing you see right here. We hope you get pleasure from!

Thanks to World of Longplays and their participant, Spazbo4, for the usage of their footage.

This video was initially revealed on October 12, 2022 on IGN Games.

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  1. Okay resident evil 3 is not top 10. And resident evil village is not a resident evil game. So there replacements Would be 9 10. Because resident evil 5 co op action was great. Obviously the guy had no friends . People really like outbreak right? And my 10. Would be umbrella chronicles Because it’s a re rail gun shooter And you get to play wesker lol

    And finally. Resident evil 2 orginal is the best resident evil game. 4 different campaigns and what you do in the a scenario can affect the b . The introduction of tyrant. Just massive for it’s time an set the bar really high. Resident evil 2 the innovator. The rest the imitators.

  2. My top 10 would have to be (10-1)
    Resident evil retribution
    Resident Evil 5
    Retribution 2
    Resident Evil 0
    Resident Evil 7
    Resident evil 4
    Resident evil 3 remake
    Resident evil remake
    Resident evil 2 remake

  3. Wat about re outbreak y do ya ignore that game best game no one could fully enjoy due to tech at the time …that game would be perfect for a remake 6 player coop prox chat think of the possibilities 🎉

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