Top 10 Open-World Games

Developers proceed to search out new methods to innovate open-world recreation experiences, with a historical past of genre-defining (and all-time nice video games) providing new, expansive, and unforgettable worlds to discover. With that in thoughts, IGN’s employees duked it out (in an expert method, in fact) to place collectively an inventory of one of the best open-world video games, how they ship as a whole package deal in letting us finest get misplaced in a world, take over enemy outposts, and discover a ridiculous approach to outrun enemies. So with out additional ado, listed below are IGN’s picks for the highest 10 open worlds video games.

This video was initially printed on March 10, 2022 on IGN Games

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  1. Stalker: Call of Pripyat gets overlooked (maybe because its only pc and has many bugs) but it has one of the best atmospheres a game can provide, combined with AI that was years ahead of its time, natively plays in Russian, ect. It's the only I've seen release over 12 years ago and still has a 10/10 on steam.

  2. Love BotW getting this much recognition despite the repeated "criticism" of the map being empty (because there aren't many npcs). It goes to show that an open world doesn't have to be npc centric to be fun and gameplay can be so much more than your usual fetch sidequests.

  3. How is AC Odyssey not on the list? It recreates ALL of ancient Greece with a massive open world map. It's an amazing achievement. Also, no Oblivion or Morrowind?

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