This Steam Deck rest stops you dropping the gaming PC on your face

A savvy Steam Deck person has made their very own stand, which helps ease wrist and hand aches throughout extended periods. For those that want their gaming in a supine place, this practice mod may very well be a great companion to these comfortable pillows.

The 3D-printed Steam Deck mod, referred to as the RestDeck, is designed by Reddit person Andrew_hl2. It is available in two variants: one for when you need to nonetheless maintain the Valve PC, and one for when a wi-fi controller is related up.

The RestDeck has a type of crab-like design, with two legs straddling both aspect of the person and a clamp holding the Steam Deck in place. This setup takes a few of the weight of the gadget, assuaging a few of that discomfort whereas you’re holding it and eradicating the danger of you by chance dropping it on your face. The different technique makes use of further centre legs which rest on the torso, permitting it to stay in place when you’re taking part in with a management pad.

For most consolation, utilizing your Steam Deck with Joy-Cons is the superb state of affairs, permitting you to totally rest your arms on the aspect. The RestDeck is even appropriate with tablets and the Nintendo Switch itself. Andrew_hl2 has made the design accessible to buy for anybody who desires one and has entry to a 3D printer.

Although it’s not on par with a few of the greatest Steam Deck dock choices round, it has the potential to be an awesome labour saving gadget. Valve’s handheld is sort of the beastly machine, so any technique of easing a few of that discomfort from prolonged playtime is sure to be interesting to many.

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