This League champion is a harm juggernaut in Patch 13.1 regardless of combined win charges

One League of Legends champion is topping the standings by way of most harm accomplished in two positions—and it’s hardly stunning.

Karthus is the champ that has probably the most harm in Platinum+ ranks, in keeping with U.GG. The Deathsinger has boasted a mean of 31,026 harm whereas picked within the jungle, and an eye-watering 31,004 common harm within the AD carry position. He additionally holds the best harm in each roles within the Diamond+, Master+, and Challenger rankings.

At the identical time, Karthus additionally recorded a formidable win price whereas within the backside lane at 52.10 % in Platinum+ ranks. In the jungle, although, it’s solely 48.85 % in Platinum+ ranks, which is without doubt one of the worst outcomes amongst junglers.

It’s not an enormous shock, although. Karthus has two instruments that permit him to deal significantly extra harm than different champions. He has a worldwide final, which might be forged after his dying on account of his passive. The passive itself is the second mechanic that helps Karthus boast such excessive harm because it permits him to remain on the battlefield for longer than different harm sellers in League.

Moreover, it’s pointless to construct Karthus in another approach than a damage-dealing AP caster. So irrespective of the place he’s picked, he’s nonetheless going to stack skill energy gadgets, enhancing his harm all through the sport.

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