This League bot laner has the best win price regardless of having the bottom injury within the function

League of Legends is giving growing consideration to the bot lane, making it one of the crucial bot-centric metas of current years. It doesn’t matter what champion you’re taking part in, there’s going to be assured motion down within the backside lane. As a outcome, it’s inevitable that one facet or the opposite will get a big lead, spiking up their total injury output and doubtlessly their win price.

That mentioned, there’s one League champion that appears to go in opposition to this pattern. While it has scored the best win price as a bot laner in Platinum and above worldwide, the champion additionally has the bottom common injury output out of all of the bot lane champions.

According to League stats website U.GG, Seraphine has a 53.73 p.c win price however solely provides a mean injury of 16,647 per recreation. To put these numbers into perspective, the second champion with the bottom common injury is Nilah, sitting at 17,055. The second champion with the best win price, however, is Twitch with a 51.57 p.c win price.

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Seraphine is often performed as a assist champion as a result of her enchanter nature however is sometimes picked as an ADC when paired with different ranged helps like Senna, Sona, or Ashe. It’s not a coincidence that these three champions are additionally these with the best quantity of matches performed as bot lane duos (based on U.GG).

These pairings make the laning part exceptionally oppressive for the opponents since Seraphine and her associate can use their AoE spells to poke and harass persistently all through the sport. Given that these champions additionally heal or protect, they can’t be hard-punished early, killing most possibilities of shutting them down earlier than they scale.

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