This Apex Legends participant ban is a reminder to be very cautious utilizing the sport’s textual content chat

One Apex Legends participant has been handed an automated one-week ban for typing the phrase “sex” within the sport’s textual content chat. This goes towards the principles of EA’s Positive Play Charter as a result of it’s apparently thought-about a type of harassment.

If a person breaks the rules within the Positive Play Charter or EA’s person settlement, the corporate could quickly or completely forestall that person from taking part in EA’s video games. The participant who obtained banned for every week typed “I get scared b4 [before] sex” throughout an Apex match. The participant will be capable to play Apex after one week, however EA could ban them completely if it occurs once more.

On the Reddit thread, a number of Apex gamers merely suggested one another to keep away from utilizing textual content chat in any respect prices in the event that they don’t need to be banned out of the blue, and one Redditor complained that whereas EA is doing this, it might shift its consideration to how individuals use their nicknames to offend others.

“It’s crazy the things that get auto-banned from chat logs meanwhile people have literal slurs in their names and are just fine,” the Redditor mentioned.

The A.I. EA programmed handy out all these bans seemingly doesn’t take context into consideration. It’s debatable if the participant in query was harassing somebody by simply typing that sentence. At the tip of 2022, one other Apex participant complained he obtained banned for typing “Andrew Tate cringe” in textual content chat and was banned for one week too, which is an indicator that EA merely blacklists some phrases. There was even one participant who obtained banned final 12 months for typing “F GG” as a result of EA thought-about it hateful conduct.

EA states in its Positive Play Charter that gamers should not harass, threaten, bully, spam, or do the rest to a different participant that’s “unwanted”.

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