These 3 League champions are getting banned in over half of their video games in Master tier and above amongst Korean solo queue gamers

With the League of Legends meta nonetheless shifting and remodeling, many gamers are discovering highly effective champions to select and ban by way of their varied solo queue adventures. At the highest of the ladder in Korea, for instance, there’s a new trio that has taken over because the most-banned champions within the recreation in Master rank and above.

Through the final patch, Elise, Maokai, and Sylas have all risen to the highest as precedence ban targets for many gamers in Korea’s excessive Elo scene. The Spider Queen, for instance, at the moment has a 67.8 % ban price, whereas nonetheless holding a 55.38 % win price in Master and above when she efficiently masses onto Summoner’s Rift, in accordance with League stats web site U.GG.

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Maokai, then again, has additionally picked up steam as a jungler with a 59.8 % ban price and an equally spectacular 53.54 % win price in Master+. Sylas holds a 51.5 % ban price, which is nice sufficient for the third-highest ban price in excessive Elo, though his win price isn’t practically pretty much as good as his predecessors.

Now, Sylas may not be practically as profitable in his video games, however Elise and Maokai have taken off as premier picks in each beginner and professional play for good causes. Runeterra’s favourite arachnid is an ideal early-game ganking jungler who can begin off turret dives with a fast burst of harm earlier than rappelling away and juggling the turret aggro to a different ally. Her choose potential is comparatively excessive since she will single out and assassinate a goal together with her Cocoon.

The Twisted Treant offers a ton of utility for his workforce, whether or not its imaginative and prescient by way of his Sapling Toss or huge area-of-effect crowd management. Maokai can management the tempo of a skirmish and might begin up a teamfight with the press of a button. Since he can have an effect on large areas along with his varied skills, he can drive opposing gamers to scramble for canopy as soon as he pops his final skill, Nature’s Grasp.

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