The Witcher: Blood Origin Review

The Witcher: Blood Origin debuts on Netflix on Dec. 25, 2022. Review by David Griffin.

The Witcher: Blood Origin delivers an action-packed and memorable look into how the Conjunction of Spheres and creation of the primary Witcher prototype got here to be. While the villains and political storylines surrounding the Golden Empire are much less fascinating, the sequence is bolstered by its partaking band of misfits as they journey throughout The Continent kicking butt wherever they go. And although the particular results aren’t on par with newer big-budget fantasy sequence on the market, the stellar use of Iceland’s panorama as a backdrop for The Continent greater than makes up for the average-looking monsters.


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  1. "In the Witcher Universe" except without any Witchers and before the Conjunction of Spheres.. Explain to me WHY this had to be set in the "Witcher Universe" and not just an entirely new fantasy genre? They are only trying to use the Witcher namesake to entice fans of the ACTUAL Witcher Universe.

  2. The sheep have shown up in gathering fashion to bash something they haven't even watched. Smfh. They just were told to hate something, so they showed up in brain washed fashion.

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