The Thaumaturge – Official Announcement Trailer

Get your first have a look at The Thaumaturge, a mystical new story-rich turn-based RPG from 11 Bit Studios (Frostpunk) and Fool’s Theory (The Witcher 1 Remake) set in early-Twentieth-century Warsaw.


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  1. Nitpick that wont stop me from playing – in 1905 warsaw trams were still mainly horse-pulled. That changed in 1908 siemens company started upgade to electric trams. First electric tram had first run on 26 march of 1908 🙂

  2. Thaumaturgy is the combination of magic and science, it’s looking at magic from the idea of it being a science, and through it the practitioner can perform miracles…

    in horror, mainly cosmic horror, it’s used to cover magic and the study, and use of it as well. In this game’s case, using thaumaturgy to probably summon demons, customize them and unlock different spells in your book to study and craft for them which definitely works in with the title…Just a theory.

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