The Terror Of Liminal Spaces In Video Games

How are liminal areas utilized in video video games, and what makes them so terrifying?
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From the unique DOOM to Gone Home; liminal areas have crept their means into the experiences we love, quite a lot of the time with out us noticing. In addition to analyzing huge identify titles that occur to have liminal areas in them, I performed 4 video games that use liminal areas as their backdrop. Superliminal, Anemoiapolis, Escape the Backrooms, and Dream Logic. Let’s discover what makes them so gosh darn scary.


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  1. I love Superliminal, it does such an excellent job at capturing the weird logic of dreams and the perspective puzzles are super-neat. I can't say I felt much terror from the environments. They did indeed feel nostalgic and like I've been there before, but that just gave me warm fuzzies.

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