The Super Mario Bros. Movie Official Teaser Trailer

Get your first glimpse of the Super Mario Bros. animated film. We get to see and listen to from Bowser, Mario, and Toad!



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  1. Honestly have to say that the only downside of this is Pratt as bowser because wow that was hard to hear, the animators and Jack black were incredible though!

  2. I gotta admit, I fully expected Bowsers first line to be some kind of joke; one sounding like every other voice Jack Black has done. But he really put some effort into making it sound unique

  3. Ehhhh… better than I expected, but that's not saying much. Still, it's not too bad. I quite liked the opening Bowser sequence, although the penguin kingdom bordered on a bit TOO goofy, but Chris Pine as Mario… nah, Mario HAS a voice, and Chris Pine sounding nothing like him just can't be overlooked. Still, at least the look is faithful to the games. Could be OK.

  4. Every human being on Earth could do a better Mario voice. Wouldn't even need to be all the way falsetto like the OG one, but come on, this was like… zero effort. Why even get Pratt for it if he was just going to use his normal voice with the tiniest, tiniest, twang to it? They managed to get a halfway point with Toad to make him sound bearable but still like Toad, so why not Mario?

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