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Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, explains how lengthy it took him and his crew to persuade DC Studios/Warner Bros. to convey Henry Cavill again as Superman. The Rock states that Henry Cavill is that this technology’s #Superman, and that it’d be unattainable to kickstart a brand new hierarchy within the DC Universe with #BlackAdam with out essentially the most highly effective man in DC, i.e. Superman. Warner Bros. might’ve clearly recast the function, however to be sincere it wouldn’t make any sense to take action if we’ve an actor already established within the function and prepared to return to painting the character. In different information, shifting gears to speak in regards to the upcoming Twisted Metal sequence, season one will apparently be just like the film Zombieland, in nature. And lastly, Harrison Ford is glad with the way in which the fifth Indiana Jones movie turned out.



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  1. Gunn having a say-so on getting Cavill back is such a refreshing sight to see because these "executives" are very short-sighted that they only want profits NOW, not for future-sight

  2. This isn't news for folks who follow Doomcock, Midnight's Edge, etc., who have all reported this several times way before now. The previous regime at WB wanted to shift everything to the female versions of popular characters. Erase Supes from existence in The Flash and replace him with Supergirl. A Batgirl solo film. Etc.

  3. Not his fight with dc studios. His fight with previous wb regime. Dc studios literally just got made and branded with james Gunn. Dc had no dedicated content vertical like marvel did with marvel studios

  4. The rock is a liar
    His ego can't handle his film failing
    And can't handle that superman is stronger than black adam
    Don't forget the Human thumb thumb known as the rock thinks NO one knew about the the JSA till a year ago……. And let's not forget the fact that he's not Egyptian playing an Egyptian character

  5. It was not DC Studios that did not want Henry back it was WB. There is a difference it was the old WB regime DC Studios did not exist yet. Plus the new leadership did and are Happy to have Henry Cavill back.

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