The Owl House creators talk ending, axed season 3 plans at NYCC

The Owl House panel was bittersweet from the second it began; that is the present’s first panel because it premiered in early 2020, but in addition the present’s final. With the shortened, three episode remaining season premiered on Oct. 15, The Owl House is gearing up for an epic finale.

In its two-season run on Disney Channel, The Owl House has amassed a passionate fanbase. It follows a plucky human named Luz who finds herself in a world stuffed with witches and demons. And whereas the present has additionally garnered crucial acclaim, it didn’t get renewed for a full third season. So that is the primary and final time that the present’s solid and crew can experience that NYCC panel expertise.

Creator Dana Terrace took to the stage with among the present’s solid, together with Sarah Nicole Robles (Luz), Mae Whitman (Amity), Zeno Robinson (Hunter), Cissy Jones (Lilith), and Alex Hirsch (King and Hooty).

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“I had the very rare privilege of watching the show form its inception form when Dana put together the series bible to now,” Hirsch stated whereas on stage. “It’s rare and rewarding to be part of something so loved.”

Hirsch, who personally made a Hooty puppet for the event, additionally shared how The Owl House helped him develop a key voice performing ability.

“I never had to cry on Gravity Falls,” Hirsch laughs. “King goes through some rough stuff. The Owl House taught me to cry on command.”

The solid additionally shared some insights into their characters. Whitman, particularly, gushed about Amity’s journey from aloof imply woman to a blushing love curiosity.

“Something I thought is so magical about [Amity] is that she is complex, she’s complicated. She has issues. She is dealing with some stuff! You didn’t really get to know her vulnerable side for a while,” Whitman describes. “When she met Luz she realized she didn’t have to be that way, she could tap into her softer side, her more vulnerable side.”

The Owl House made Disney animation historical past by that includes a queer romance at the middle of the present, alongside that includes a nonbinary individual as its essential character.

“For me, coming out as pan, I felt even more strongly and passionately about this,” Whitman explains. “Having a show like this when growing up would’ve been really cool. I think it’s great for everyone to have that visibility, that connection.”


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In addition to a brand new clip, Terrace additionally revealed some idea artwork of the upcoming season, which incorporates some new outfits for the characters, Luz’s hometown in Connecticut (all decked out for Halloween), and giraffes! (It’s a long-running collection joke.) Some new footage was additionally revealed, together with a revamped theme music for the ultimate season. Terrace spoke concerning the moments she was most happy with the present all through everything of manufacturing.

“The times that I hold dearest to my heart are the crew screenings we’ve tried to do over Zoom, or the few times we’ve tried to watch the finished show… totally legally on the channel,” Terrace describes. “To be able to sit there with the crew and be like damn we pulled it off!”

As for the truth that the third season is shortened, Terrace sounded disenchanted that she didn’t get to dive into Hooty’s true origin, or give some extra backstory to Raine and Eda — who she calls her favourite characters to put in writing. But she says that the crew went all out when it got here to creating positive that the animation and story had been the very best for this final hurrah.

“What can you do at this point?” she says. “We did our best.”

The first of the three Owl House finale specials premieres on Oct. 15 on Disney Channel at 9 p.m. EST. The first two seasons can be found on Disney Plus.

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