The Ni No Kuni MMO Is Out Today On Mobile And PC

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is the sixth entry in Level-5’s beloved JRPG sequence. The MMORPG was launched in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan final 12 months however is lastly accessible in North America on cellular units and PC beginning immediately. You can watch the animation trailer under. 

Like the principle installments earlier than it – specifically, Wrath of the White Witch and Revenant Kingdom – Cross Worlds consists by the legendary Joe Hisaishi and options Studio Ghibli-animated cutscenes. According to the Ni no Kuni web site, the story is as follows: 

“You are about to enter a brand new world in the virtual reality game Soul Divers. But as you explore and become stronger, you’ll realize this world is not a virtual one. A mysterious girl named Rania entrusts you with a mission: Rebuild your kingdom ransacked by powerful foes  and save the two connected worlds from certain destruction!” 

For all you anime followers on the market, Cross World’s central narrative appears instantly impressed by the isekai style. The animation trailer above reveals that the brand new Ni no Kuni nonetheless brims with the whimsy and eccentricity that the franchise is understood for. Moreover, the high-fantasy overtones and vivid artwork fashion make a welcome return. 

Kim Wallace had lukewarm emotions on Wrath of the White Witch, however Joe Juba awarded Revenant Kingdom an 8 out of 10 and said:

“Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom may not nail everything it attempts, but it gets the important things right. Building your kingdom is satisfying and engaging, even with the weak narrative hooks. The cycle of rewards became an obsession, and had me staying up late to recruit just one more ally, or complete just one more upgrade. Combat could be tighter, and other supporting elements could use some polish – but like any kingdom, this experience isn’t about individual contributions. It’s about how those contributions come together, and the fun of this experience as a whole outweighs its flaws.”

Hopefully, Cross World will garner optimistic reception too.

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