The Mandalorian Season 3 Premiere Review

The Mandalorian Season 3 Premiere reviewed by Samantha Nelson on Disney+.

Entertaining battle scenes and lovable Grogu antics anchor The Mandalorian Season 3 pilot, which is generally dedicated to getting viewers again in control with the state of the world and its characters and setting Din on a brand new quest. The present goes again to the start to exhibit how a lot has modified even when its core dynamic stays the identical, laying stable groundwork for a bunch of recent conflicts for the Mandalorian and his foundling to face collectively.



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  1. After Andor, everything else related to Star Wars feels just MEH! It also proves how important is it to shoot on locations or use the VOLUME correctly, most of Mandalorian now seems too clean, too empty.

  2. Seeing all the mandalorian leave Bo bc she doesn’t have the light saber says a lot about their religion. Little did they know is that the mandalorian existed way before the light saber.

  3. Idc what anyone says, Mando is peak Star Wars. Y’all see him take out those ships in the asteroid field? Bro has to lowkey be force sensitive or something. Or maybe he’s a real Mandalorian by blood which is rare asf.

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