The Legacy & Impact of Super Mario 64 w/100T’s CouRage & Sydnee Goodman

Cheez-It’s very personal Cheez is again and this time he is making an attempt to be taught the true which means of gaming. Cheez’s instructors embody 100 Thieves’ CouRage and Sydnee Goodman. This week, Cheez is studying concerning the legacy and affect of Super Mario 64. A recreation that revolutionized 3D platforming on the Nintendo 64 that might go on to affect 3D character platformers for many years on finish due to its expansive moveset, creative degree design, and big group of speedrunners that assist the sport stay related to today.
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  1. Man yall slobbering over whoever she is what about my mans show him some love too f**k it I'll do it- how you doing pretty boy, yo name alone is enough to win over my heart, have you heard of the casting couch 😘

  2. Please keep Sydney, she's great in all she does. After she was gone it just felt weird with who y'all tried to replace her with 🏋️‍♂️. Theirs no replacing Miss Goodman, she's one of a kind.

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