The Last Of Us TV Show vs Game Comparison

We examine each scenes and characters resembling Joel, Ellie, and Tess aspect by aspect, and check out how some components are reimagined or recreated in The Last Of Us television present.


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  1. It's amazing how they managed to make some scenes true shot-for-shot remakes, but changed and added scenes that flesh out characters like Sarah, Tess and Bill. TLoU should be a new standard how to tackle adaptations

  2. HOT TAKE🔥
    Must have been really hard coming up with the TV show adaptation. When they basically copy paste 90% of the game scene by scene. PS games are already 95% cinematic & 5% gameplay focused. Which makes it easy for TV/Movie.
    One thing, PS make great movies, not so great games. I'll sit down anytime & watch it on YouTube then actually playing it.

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