The Last Of Us Showrunner On Joel's "God Mode Powerup" In Season Finale

After 9 episodes and capturing the world’s consideration, HBO’s The Last of Us Season 1 finale hit and drew severe viewing numbers. The following has spoilers for this previous Sunday’s episode.

Pedro Pascal’s mission as Joel to rescue Ellie (Bella Ramsey) turns right into a one-man rampage, and identical to the unique materials, goes all out with the violence. It’s temporary in comparison with what Joel goes by within the online game, however nonetheless simply as heartbreaking as he takes on a number of closely armed troopers.

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Talking to GQ, each recreation co-creator and present author Neil Druckmann and showrunner and government producer Craig Mazin clarify why they saved the ending the best way they did and Joel’s methodology of being such an efficient killer in an virtually John Wick-style.

“We had a lot of conversations. That, in withholding a certain amount of violence, we’re going to really accentuate when it comes through,” defined Druckmann. “When Ellie shoots and kills someone, or injures them so badly and Joel has to kill them, it has a lot more impact. When it’s time for Joel to rise to the occasion and show us what he’s made of, to save Ellie, we don’t shy away from it. We show it in all its awfulness and awesomeness.”

Mazin circles again to the John Wick comparability and says it isn’t completely the identical due to their surroundings. “You mention John Wick and that’s an interesting point because John Wick does live in a slightly heightened world. With this, we’re trying to be a bit more grounded. But when we get to the very end, we do give him his John Wick moment,” he stated. “The one thing that gives him the god mode powerup to not get shot and to shoot everybody else is saving Ellie. Because that’s where we want to see overpowered Joel and we understand that he’s fueled by this love that is beautiful and dark at the same time.”

Players of The Last of US may keep in mind that a part of the primary recreation, and the way Joel does not actually have any benefits, however the nail bombs turn out to be useful in addition to the flamethrower. Sadly, each of which we by no means received to see in motion.

All episodes of HBO’s The Last of Us can be found to stream on HBO Max.

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