The Last of Us HBO Series Impressions

The crew at Podcast Beyond had early impressions on HBO’s The Last of Us sequence. Is The Last of Us a worthy adaptation of thecritically acclaimed recreation? Does it fall flat on its face? What issues in The Last of Us sequence work nicely on TV that do not essentially work nicely within the recreation? We discover what we have seen up to now of the sequence and attempt to reply sure questions in probably the most spoiler-free means attainable!


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  1. Not everyone is a gamer we did need this for those who will never or have no interest in playing games they deserve to experience this story too not just us who have played the games. It will change the tone in Hollywood that video games can be adapted well and become popular.

  2. Honestly y’all would have complained if it was a shot for shot remake 🤣 but now they change it so it’s a new experience for people who already played the game and y’all STILL mad sheesh 🤣 there’s no pleasing you. If you don’t like the show fine, don’t watch it. But don’t keep watching it and then come on the internet to complain about other people’s hard work 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Season 2 probably wont arrive until Early/Mid 2025…Season 3 would then arrive likely early 2027.

    That’s gives enough time for Last of Us 3 to come out while Season 4 is in pre-production…so they could theoretically go five seasons and complete the full three games

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