The Last of Us HBO Creators Reveal How They Avoided the Video Game Curse

The Last of Us HBO collection creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin share how they prevented the online game adaptation pitfalls which have affected previous variations, and the way they each broke and expanded the world of The Last of Us.

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  1. The video games gives the most beautiful stories and scenes so why do think and try to exit from a perfection box just to prove a point
    But then you just fail

  2. The curse is that if you make a video game into a film it will not be in the same level. Even the great Steven Spielberg can't make a street fighters film because int the end it was design and mean t for a video. Sure it still fun to watch and enjoy but will never have the same levels and satisfaction as to what the story was : breathtaking. At the end of the day no company will understand and its reasonable ; they want to expand as much as possible.

  3. By golly they might just get it. Love the source material. Understand why the fans love the source material. Translate that to the screen. Win.

    It doesn't have to be a shot for shot recreation of the game, of course that wouldn't work, but if you check those above boxes, this might just be genre-defining.

  4. He’s absolutely right in regards to LOU1 and LOU2 being the GREATEST story ever told in video game history. Can’t believe we’re only only 9 days away from the series dropping.

  5. How to avoid to curse? Stick to the damn source material. Mortal Kombat, you had 50+ character to use as a main protagonist, instead you made someone up? Just stick to the source material.

  6. Pretty arrogant and pretentious to declare themselves free of the video game curse. It’s not even out yet! The viewers and fans of the game will be the true judges of that. I’m sure EVERY director said the same thing about THEIR video game adaptation. Lol

  7. Neil druckmann really hit the golden ticket. President of naughty dog, got his own tv show, the uncharted movie, and still developing his own games/new IP. Every game designers dream right here.

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