The greatest questions we have now for The Sandman season 2

We’ve gotten so much out of season 1 of The Sandman: Dream dropping after which regaining his powers; a diner episode that can linger in your thoughts lengthy after the Netflix autoplay; a complete factor a few Vortex, her brother, and the lacking sentient components of the Dreaming that swirl round her. Suffice it to say, there’s numerous particulars to maintain monitor of, even when you did learn the comics.

One can hardly blame Netflix or Neil Gaiman, who had been simply so excited to have lastly realized this world after three or so many years of improvement hell (and never the sort with Gwendoline Christie overlooking it, sadly). But with season 1 ending so deliciously, it feels prefer it’s a very good time to double-check: Did I get every little thing The Sandman was making an attempt to elucidate to me?

Why does Desire wish to get Dream to spill “family blood”? What’s so dangerous about that?

Tom Sturridge as Dream and Mason Alexander Park as Desire in Netflix’s The Sandman

Image: Netflix

As Dream learns within the closing moments of season 1, Rose Walker’s entire existence relies on Desire having impregnated Unity whereas she was asleep throughout Dream’s absence. He is, after all, lower than happy to listen to this, accusing Desire of meddling in an try to get Dream to spill household blood (both by means of attacking Desire or killing Rose Walker, who would technically additionally share household blood with Dream).

“This time it almost worked,” Desire purrs. “Oh, poor Dream. I really got under your skin this time, didn’t I? Next time… I’ll draw blood.”

In episode 10 (and even the total season) we don’t get a way of what’s so taboo about it. But as Dream warns Desire to not step to him, we get a way that there’s greater than only a household rule about it, as he alludes to “all that would entail.”

[Ed. note: Book explanation below; don’t read it if you don’t want to know.]

In the comics, the Endless have a handful of guidelines handed right down to them, simply as historic as themselves. One of them is to not spill “family blood,” or else dangerous information will befall you — specifically you summon the Furies, who’re no joke and will be mad.

What is Lucifer’s plan?

Lucifer leaning over a table and snarling a bit

Photo: Laurence Cendrowicz/Netflix

Though issues have lastly began to come back collectively in Dream’s realm — permitting him to not simply return to kind however enhance himself and life for these round him — Lucifer is lower than joyful. Having been embarrassed in a proper problem earlier within the season, we discover Lucifer in a still-sour temper, not enthusiastic about any of the pleasures hell can supply. Just when it appears the uncanny lord of all hell is left to easily mope, they’re visited by a demon with an unbelievable supply. Lord Azazel pops as much as share one thing on behalf of the “assembled lords of hell.”

“We have [assembled] against your enemy — our enemy, Dream of the Endless. The armies of hell are yours to command, should you wish to strike,” Azazel says of attainable plans to invade Dream’s realm, after which the waking world. “Since none of us may leave hell, we may as well expand its borders until hell is all there is.”

With the generals demanding motion, Lucifer guarantees to behave — saying solely that the plan was “something I have never done before. Something that will make God… absolutely livid.”

If you’re curious precisely what Lucifer is cooking up, you’ll be able to learn the comics. But to place it briefly: Big, hellish plans.

What’s the plan for the sequence? How many quick tales can be included in The Sandman?

Matthew the Raven talking to Dream (who you can see from the knees down)

Image: Netflix

With 75 points within the unique run of the sequence, there’s definitely so much for The Sandman to get by means of, ought to Netflix permit it. With season 1 solely protecting roughly 16 of the problems (the primary two books, Preludes & Nocturnes, accumulating 1-8, and The Doll’s House, 9-16) there’s sufficient for The Sandman to run at the least 4 seasons. And Gaiman tells Polygon he may see it working even longer than that.

“If we had our druthers, and the world was perfect, we’d get to go all the way to the end of Sandman: Overture [a prequel to the series published in 2013], which strangely would be the beginning of episode 1 again,” Gaiman says. “And we get to do an awful lot of the side stories and interesting byways and diversions along the way.”

That may imply that — Netflix renewal gods permitting — Sandman runs for some time, tracing the arc of the comedian whereas additionally making time for the odd episodic or self-contained journey. Though season 1 made time for the occasional tour from the central story, it was largely confined to specializing in Dream’s return to the Dreaming and accounting for all of the adjustments. But because the comics continued, there was much less emphasis on the general arc of the story and extra on the small, virtually vignette-like chapters of Dream’s journeys. If Netflix’s Sandman can resemble that, then there’s definitely numerous locations for Sandman to go.

Will Rose Walker be in Sandman season 2?

Fiddler’s Green leaning over Rose and smiling at her

Image: Netflix

The Doll’s House arc within the comics isn’t the final time we see Rose Walker, neither is it the final time we see Lyta Hall and her dream child. Though the present has rearranged the storylines a bit to suit into the arc of the season, it appears seemingly that they may return in season 2 (or past).

Who is the “Prodigal” that Dream, Desire, and Despair hold speaking about?

Although the Endless are all associated, there may be, apparently, one who stands out from the gang, referenced solely because the “Prodigal” by Dream and his siblings.

The reply is slow-played in Sandman season 1; past a couple of mentions, we get little by means of particulars. But the comedian (after all) has the solutions.

[Ed. note: Book spoilers below.]

The Prodigal refers to Destruction, who’s subsequent in line after Dream. (Dream is, after all, not the eldest of his siblings, even when he has all of the self-seriousness of an elder youngster.) He earned the moniker as a result of he was the one Endless youngster to desert his duties. As Neil Gaiman wrote within the comedian companion, the Endless don’t have names a lot as titles that describe their actions. Because Destruction left his submit, he’s now the “Prodigal,” since he’s with out operate.

Of course, the basis of the phrase definitely suggests a little bit of judgment on the a part of the remaining Endless siblings, versus merely an abdication of obligation. After all, the “Prodigal Son” parable particularly pertains to somebody leaving dwelling and spending sources on a “reckless” scale. There is perhaps a little bit of resentment there as they rule their respective realms. The Endless: They’re identical to us.

How many Endless are there? Will we meet all of them?

Dream talking to Lucienne with Matthew on the floor between them

Image: Netflix

There are seven Endless youngsters! Though we’ve solely met a couple of to this point. To hold them simple to inform aside, all of them have names that begin with D. In age order they’re: Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium (who was generally known as Delight).

Of these, we’ve met Death, Dream, Desire, and Despair. But in his confrontation with Desire, Dream alluded to an expansion of powers between them, implying he, Destiny, and Death had been robust (and united) sufficient to maintain the others in line.

What was the deal Dream made with Shakespeare?

We don’t get to see it revealed within the present — but. But within the comics, Dream’s realm isn’t purely “dreams” as we all know them in our sleep; it’s extra creation itself, any dream world that is perhaps thought up. That’s how Dream met up with the Justice League, and it’s how Will “Shakesbeard” might need one thing to supply Dream of the Endless.

Plus, within the comedian we all know what occurs. [Ed. note: Another small book spoiler coming up here.] Dream gave the Bard the expertise to put in writing immortal tales and in flip commissioned two performs from him: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (to honor the precise Unseelie Court) and The Tempest.

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