The greatest League gamers can’t stand taking part in towards this champion in solo queue

While some League of Legends champions have been closely focused by steadiness adjustments over the previous few months, others have been missed by Riot Games—however that doesn’t cease them from being picked or banned within the ranked ladder.

This is the case for one explicit champion whose final nerf was introduced with Patch 12.16, over six months in the past. He’s not dominating the ladder by way of win price, however he’s stored a median ban price of fifty % on the recreation’s highest stage since Spring 2022.

Draven is that champion. He’s been nerfed plenty of instances through the years, however his snowball potential nonetheless makes him a scary choose in solo queue.

This is very the case within the recreation’s highest stage since Draven mains are uncommon however extraordinarily fearsome. If you give them an early kill, they’ll shortly snowball and drive their opponents out of the bot lane.

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A participant on League’s subreddit not too long ago highlighted that the meta usually favors early benefits and snowballing, fairly than scaling. “Most of my picks outscale Draven but the game revolves around getting bot control so I have to play perfectly just to go even and my jungler has some semblance of control bot side… so yeah imma just ban it,” they wrote.

This means Draven’s impression is strengthened by the meta, making him as threatening as ever.

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This was demonstrated just a few weeks in the past in professional play when G2’s bot laner Hans Sama performed a serious half in Fnatic’s defeat within the LEC Winter Split. After making a gift of two early kills to Hans Sama’s Draven, he snowballed, resulting in a fast and straightforward win.

He did the identical factor the week after towards Team Heretics, incomes the right KDA within the course of. After that, each group target-banned Hans Sama’s Draven till the tip of the LEC’s Winter common break up.

No one desires to see a Draven steamroll by video games along with his hard-hitting axes. Even if there are lots of methods to negate his snowball potential, a single mistake from the bot lane could make Draven a serious menace. That’s why he’s nonetheless being banned so continuously in solo queue.

Despite a traditional win price (50.3 %) in Masters and higher-ranked video games, Draven is the third-most banned champion with a median of 43.2 % ban price, in keeping with stats web site League of Graphs.

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