The Game Awards 2022 Full Presentation

Intro 0:00
Al Pacino Present Best Performance 3:20
Best Performance Winner and Speech 7:20
Hades 2 Reveal Trailer 16:15
Judas Ken Levines Next Game 19:20
Bayonetta Origins Cereza and the Lost Demon 21:38
Hozier and Bear Mccreary carry out Blood Upon the Snow 27:29
Best Debut Game 33:14
Destiny Lightfall Trailer – 36:38
Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Batman Trailer – 37:19
Party Animals 42:38
Best Adaptation 45:58
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gameplay Trailer 48:14
Earthblade Reveal Trailer 52:13
Dune Awakening 54:15
Forspoken Demo Trailer 56:04
Death Stranding 2 Trailer 01:00:50
Immortals of Aveum 01:08:14
Best Narrative 01:09:59
Tekken 8 Gameplay Trailer 01:13:28
Nightingale 01:16:20
Games for Impact 01:21:54
Baldur’s Gate 3 Release Month Trailer 01:25:05
Wayfinder Reveal Trailer 01:28:01
Fire Emblem Engage Trailer 01:29:45
Sky Trailer 01:33:22
Diablo IV Cinematic Release Date Trailer 01:37:23
Horizon Burning Shores Trailer 01:42:45
Best Action Game 01:45:45
Blue Protocol Trailer 01:49:46
Company of Heroes 3 Railer 01:53:30
Behemoth Trailer 01:54:34
Best Score & Music 01:58:42
Banishers Ghost of Eden Reveal Trailer 02:01:18
Warhammer 40k: Space Marine II Gameplay Reveal Trailer 02:03:47
Meet your Makers Release Date Trailer 02:04:41
Crash Bandicoot Arrives with a New Game 02:09:26
Innovation and Accessibility 02:13:03
Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Trailer 02:14:14
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Raids Trailer 02:20:23
Best Game Direction 02:24:49
Cyberpunk 2077 Liberty City Trailer 2 02:27:25
Armored Core VI Reveal Trailer 02:29:45
Wild Hearts Trailer 02:33:55
Final Fantasy XVI Trailer 02:36:11
Game of the Year Presentation 02:38:56


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  1. First Game Awards I’ve ever watched. Honestly thought it would be more awards (hence the name of the event) and less advertising of new games. But it was the opposite. Meh.

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