As time has gone on, skepticism surrounding The Day Before has continued to develop. There was a wholesome dose of skepticism surrounding it even again when it was introduced, not least as a result of it was being billed as an enormous AAA manufacturing from an unknown studio that has labored virtually completely on subpar cellular games- however the few months have seen that skepticism develop by important levels.

There’s been a string of causes for that, however the one which’s most likely the largest and most blatant within the present context is the sport’s most up-to-date delay.


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  1. The real red flags for me is not the downgrade in graphics (and shockingly considering they moved the game to an engine that was suppose to make it even better… not sure how that makes sense) but its the small details like circle F button interactions to square ones… and then big ones like fully immersive weapons customization screens to something that is more generic than almost every other weapon customization screen out there on FPSers.

    Too many red flags here for me to even point out… but re-watch all the footages from day one to current and focus on the small changes that really make no sense as to why they would even change them… because even the small ones make the game look worse… yet there is zero reason as to do it from a development standpoint unless they were never even there in the first place because it didn't exist… and if it didn't exist… they couldn't even replicate it in what is suppose to be "Real Game Footage" on this last showing.

  2. I really don't understand what's going on here, this game is fake it's already been confirmed, not really sure why "gameplay" keeps coming out for this cinematic concept. Never in my time of knowing what videogames are have I ever experienced whatever this is. One day there's a release date then one day there's gameplay and then the next it was never even real at all and this has happened at least a few times since it was announced.

  3. I honestly believe Fntastic they took the game off Steam themselves to literally shut down the Steam discussion page for the game. That "Wholf" dude was literally going full on Stalin in the discussions trying to ban/lock any kind of negative opinions that were being discussed about the game. He had the Steam discussion page in an uproar, and I think it even spilled into their official discord. After all that, and even after this "gameplay" reveal I'd be lying to say any part of me believes this game ever releases. If it even is real.

  4. Once I found out who the devs were I knew there was no way they would come close to the trailers from 2 years ago. If ubisoft hasn't delivered a game of that caliber yet then there's zero chance these devs will get even a quarter of the way there. Sorry to say but it's true.

  5. this is giving me saint's row vibes, in which it was another game that kept getting delayed to "work on the game" and it still released a buggy mess…at least I think it was saint's row that I'm thinking of. and it does make a bit of sense that they couldn't show the footage due to the name license bullshit because they could get sued if they showed the name in the footage, but that could've been rectified in like 10 min. by just editing out the title from the video and they could've released it the next day.

  6. this should’ve been a single player game imo …

    also only thing I ask from devs or modders, give me realistic gunplay – give me a gun with mags and ammo to feed into the zombies and magz …

    other than that, most of the game looks boring and hehe I am here for it — set your expectations low because soon in Fentember 2039 when the game comes, you will thank me 😂

  7. I'm gonna call BS on the "explanation" The devs are just digging themselves a hole. I dunno why they can't release gameplay video, I mean the legal department has nothing to do with the team who actually make the game

  8. There is a difference between changing between completely different engines and changing between Unreal Engine 4 and 5. Upgrading your Unreal 4 project to Unreal 5 is literally 1 click and at most 3 days of converting. It litewrally converts it by itself. Unreal 5 is literally backwards compatible with Unreal 4. Thats why a lot of game devs like Unreal 5 so much. It does NOT take months or even weeks to do so. Epic literally made the Unreal 4 to 5 upgrade so easy and quick that even a 3 year old could do it. Its insane to even suggest it would take an entire year to port a finished project between Unreal 4 and 5. They could have literally released the game last year on its official release date before that delay even if they switched from Unreal 4 to 5. THey announced that the ONLY REASON they delayed it 1 year was moving from Unreal 4 to Unreal 5. And they announced that 2 weeks before the release date.

    They could have easily moved from Unreal 4 to 5 and had an entire week to spare before release. Basically they lied about the game being finished, they lied about the reason why they delayed it. And here we are again with another delay because they didnt file for trademark when they started the project? Give me a break. Even IF I give them all of these things and say "OK I believe this is true"

    Then that means they have mismanaged this project so much that who could I have faith in them delivering anything that works even remotely close to properly? There are like 100 red flags on this project. Not to mention promising raw gameplay and what we got delivered was more scripted non gameplay that was also downgraded. It looks much more like they started over from scratch last year and thats the real cause of the delay. And now they are probably in the same situation again.

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