The Complete DEAD SPACE Timeline Explained!

The Dead Space timeline has an unlimited timeline that spans 300 years of terror throughout a trilogy of video games, a number of spin-off titles, a handful of comedian books and novels, and a pair of movies too. But how does all of it tie collectively?

00:00 – Opening
00:47 – Dead Space Martyr – 2214
02:12 – Dead Space Catalyst – 2294
02:48 – Dead Space 3 Prologue – 2314
03:54 – Dead Space Comic – 2508
05:14 – Dead Space Downfall – 2508
06:35 – Dead Space Extraction – 2508
07:54 – Dead Space – 2508
11:26 – Dead Space Aftermath – 2509
12:42 – Dead Space Salvage – 2509
13:11 – Dead Space Mobile – 2511
14:08 – Dead Space Ignition – 2511
15:04 – Dead Space 2 – 2511
17:39 – Dead Space 2: Severed – 2511
18:29 – Dead Space Liberation – 2514
19:13 – Dead Space 3 – 2514
22:11 – Dead Space 3: Awakened – 2514
23:17 – Ending

This video breaks down the franchise chronologically, charting the story of Isaac Clarke and his ongoing combat towards the Necromorph horde. And with a shiny new remake of that authentic sport awaking this dormant franchise, what higher time to dive into the hellish misadventures of Isaac Clarke.

Timeline Playlist –


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  1. This video is like:
    Title: Complete Dead Space Timeline EXPLAINED
    CH 1: Martyr.
    Martyr explains the story of the Martyr in the original Dead Space. Here the Martyr was a martyr, there where Necromorphs and Space was Dead.
    Now Chapter 2…

  2. Dead Space
    Issac Clarke and his crew get stranded on a mining ship. While Stuck, Clarke has to Battle Aliens,Repair the ship and Solving the mystery of what happened to said ship. This is a Dark Film Adaptation of the game

    Dead Space
    Engineer Isaac Clarke and his crew get stranded on a large, abandoned mining ship. There, Clarke needs to repair the giant ship while battling nasty aliens and solving the mystery of what happened to the ship.

    Dead Space Redemtion (the last Dead Space animated movie)
    A crew of officers come face to face with the Marker.

    John Carpenter´s Dead Space
    In the year 2508, the planetcracker class starship, USG Ishimura, sends out a distress beacon to the Concordance Extraction Corporation (CEC). In response, CEC sends the maintance ship, USG Kellion to investigate and resolve the situation. Upon arrival, the team discovers a horrific alien plague which had infected the Ishimura's crew and transformed them into nightmarish creatures. Now with a lone engineer leading the way, the team must find an escape from the infected vessel before they succumb to a fate worse than death. Rules: 1) They cannot be the same actors from the video game 2) Remember rule 1

    Dead Space: The Last Stand
    After years since the moons invaded Earth and have been destroyed, leaving Earth in ruins and a lot of Necromorphs, Ezekiel Kramer, his brother, his girlfriend, and other survivors must get to Luna and release a plague that will destroy the Necromorphs and the Markers for good while a Unitologist wants to destroy it!

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