The Callisto Protocol vs Dead Space – 7 BIGGEST DIFFERENCES

The Callisto Protocol is right here, and to say the least, it is divided opinion. Criticism of some mechanics and design selections has been widespread, however on the similar time, there is a sizeable chunk of the participant base that is having fun with what the sport has on provide. However, no matter which facet of that debate you fall on, one factor that is clear for everybody to see is how closely it is impressed by Dead Space. That does not come as a shock, after all, given the truth that it is made by former Dead Space vets and has been broadly billed as a Dead Space religious successor within the lead-up to launch.

At the identical time, nonetheless, it is not all Dead Space. The two video games have fairly a bit in widespread, however The Callisto Protocol additionally differentiates itself from Dead Space in quite a few key ways- some for the higher, others not a lot. Here, we’re going to try just a few of these.


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  1. Thank you for video at least it’s would be pretty clear for some people that this game is different from Dead Space. I see in some reviews that small groups of people expected this game to be Dead Space 4 or something like that. I don’t know why people fanatically comparing this game with Dead Space. State of Decay or other zombie games do not look like Resident Evil it doesn’t mean they bad games because of that. So why people comparing this game with Dead Space and hate it because it’s not.

  2. Wait, Dead Space made you fight everything also. The lockdowns, in particular, are the most notable examples of intense combat. I'm not really sure if I agree that the combat is more prevalent in The Calisto Protocol. Sure, the combat may be more melee focused, but I wouldn't say there's more of it than in Dead Space. Games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil often have you running past enemies when you are low on health, but Dead Space almost always makes you fight just like The Calisto Protocol does.

  3. I just beat the game and I definitely like it and will go back through again sometime, I feel all this game needed to make it a huge hit is more exploration, and something about being up close in personal with melee majority of the time took away the fear factor for me, I could pretty much call out when a jump scare was going to happen….regardless I hope this game sold well, I want a sequel, and survival horror is my favorite genre and i don't want it to disappear again

  4. Modern gaming journalism is horrible. Y’all beat Elden Ring but couldn’t dodge in Callisto Protocol,give me a break. Game was awesome. You’re telling me y’all love a game where you run around as a cute Kitty cat but this was bad??? Lol #MainStreamSucks

  5. I’ve replayed Dead Space recently and they’re honestly not all that different in tone and how they deliver their scares. Both rely on the tension of ‘will enemies jump out at me or won’t they’ as you continue down linear hallways with a couple side rooms. I feel like reviewers are misremembering Dead Space and we’re just jaded to the formula in Callisto. Unless they change up a ton, it’s going to be interesting to see how people feel about Dead Space remake if they haven’t played it in a while. I do think Dead Space is the better game, but the formula is pretty much the same in Callisto outside of melee combat. But even then by mid game I switched to guns completely for the rest of the game. You just have to manage your ammo and you’re fine. You almost have to use guns at that point when you get overrun. Melee just offers you a better way than punching in Dead Space if you need to conserve ammo.

  6. "The Callisto protocol prides itself on how brutal, visceral, and Gorey it is. And that at least is one area where no one can take anything away from the game" oh you mean except for dead space when it comes to all that lol

  7. Currently playing Callisto Protocol (start chapter 7) and so far really enjoying it..

    The only reason I can think is because the PC and Xbox version have some severe technical issues at launch (playing PS5 so not much ussues) but the overal game is actually great imo and it does NOT deserve the hate it gets.

  8. It's funny, I know at least 5 people who have and love Callisto Protocol, but never watched/read any reviews. Seems being so dependant on other's opinions really psychologically bends one's real views and feelings to fit the crowd, rather than their own untainted thoughts.

  9. I never got to play all the DS games I am definitely going to play them soon, I am about to start the Callisto protocol, the game looks freaking awesome and I’m excited for dead space remake hopefully they remake all the games.

  10. I wish CP were more like DS. CP would benefit from scarier looking enemies to get up close and personal with. Dodging and attacking should have a stamina meter, to encourage running away and using guns. Dismemberment is needed as well. Healing should be instant.

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