The Callisto Protocol Review

Though it begins off on a powerful observe, The Callisto Protocol’s concentrate on action-heavy spectacles fails to adequately discover its horror and overcrowds its weak fight mechanics.

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  1. Good. I'm sick of open world games keeping the same enemy count and simply upping the sponge ammnt. I want it to ramp up and get tougher in the combat TPS aspect. It's like Dead Space when they start introducing the dark Necromorphs in larger numbers. Or even the end of RE4. Sure I like the Village and Castle part way more than the Island, but by the time the Village/Castle get old, I'm looking forward to the Island to have some fun with the shooting and pure gameplay loops. It's strange, these reviews made me more excited to play it. A 5 tho? You should probably "you know what"

  2. From what I've played so far I'd say the criticisms made here are fair. The score seems harsh but let's see – I may feel the same by the end of it. Not the masterclass in horror I had hoped for before going in at this point, but still very decent. So far it hovers around a 7 for me and I'd personally advise people to wait for a cheaper price tag before buying, although I'm sure that some people will enjoy it enough to feel like the price is right for this one.

  3. Visuals 10..10 story was ok … Gameplay meh out of meh the constant left right slide dodging made it so annoying after a while … World was very very linear way to many jump scares not enough exploration weapons were very good ..wasn't the worst expected much more for the hype … don't expect a long game done in one day .. Replayability maybe a year after play through one ..

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