The Callisto Protocol Review – One of the Biggest Disappointments of the Year

I’ve been very essential of The Callisto Protocol on this overview, however I’d be mendacity if I mentioned I did not have enjoyable with the sport. It’s easy, brutal, and regularly enjoyable, it appears to be like completely beautiful, and its atmospheric sci-fi setting isn’t with out its deserves, particularly in the event you’re a fan of one thing like Dead Space. 

Even so, this is not the sport that so many people needed it to be. It’s hardly ever scary in any possible way, its design its too targeted and dated, and its emphasis on melee fight brings its personal cavalcade of issues, from clunky and irritating encounters when confronted with a number of enemies to the disappointing dilution of the horror facet.

It’s not a recreation with out deserves, however when considered within the context of its potential and what it was billed as by its developer, it is arduous to label The Callisto Protocol as something however a disappointment.


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  1. I was so excited for this game.and I preordered it months ago. Ive never preordered a game but I was really excited for this one. Ive played a few hours and its OKAY. There is really almost no storyline. The combat is fun but gets repetitive after awhile. I probably will not be preordering any more games

  2. People need to stop comparing this to dead space and just enjoy it for what it is. It looks great, the combat is satisfying if you actually know what you’re doing and yea it’s not the longest game but it’s great while it lasts. Runs great on PS5.

  3. I do think they should shoot for a sequel, but they need a completely different enemy design philosophy. Most of the infected are fairly generic zombies or a fairly generic zombie with a minor difference (like the blind ones). Necromorphs are iconic and unique. I know its a tall order, but they need another enemy design that is as scary as the necromorphs. Zombies have been done to death so much that they just aren't scary anymore.

  4. There's no need to compare this to Dead Space.Sure, they kept some elements from that game to help it attract the same crowd, but as a game itself Callisto Protocol is bad. Story: first 30 mins just speed by not allowing you to absorb the superb atmosphere, setting up villains and foes, Jason's character, the inmates. Waking up after the chaos you try to piece together what happened from one-liners found in audio logs, no story there, just vague sentences. Dialogue is Michael Bay levels of bad, even cringey at points (remember when Jason comments on the beauty of the colony's view? He delivers that line like asking us to appreciate the dev's work).
    Gameplay wise i was ok with melee combat, but the guns have nothing to distinguish one from the other, they even sound the same. Exploration is minimal and linear progression gets tired real fast. The final boss can catch up to you no matter how far you are and kills you by exploiting a cinematic cutscene, where you can't really defend yourself. Did anyone test this?
    Overall, it's a 6/10 for me, i was playing this game just to finish it and justify my purchase. A really bad gamer feeling.

  5. I legitimately don't understand why outlets are dunking on this game so hard. I almost feel like there's something going on behind the scenes that I don't know about. That's most likely not the case, but I just don't get it. Like 85% of the game was damn good

  6. Bad games , literally are creating jobs and paying youtube content creators, including movies. So I guess keep them coming, bad starwars movies, cyberpunk on release, battlefield. It's why I watch this channel, his opinions are similar to what I think about the game.

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